19 October 2008

Powell Endorses Obama ~ Crosses Party Lines...

Former Secretary of State, Retired General Colin Powell endorses Senator Barack Obama for the US Presidency in this sequence on Meet The Press... Interesting to hear General Powell's comments about the inappropriateness and narrowness of Republican campaigning, the increasing Republican party shift further to the right, and the lack-judgment demonstrated by Senator McCain's pick of Governor Palin. General Powell contrasts these practices with Senator Obama's openness and inclusiveness. Says Powell:
"Which is the President we need now?" "I've come to the conclusion... he is a transformational figure... I'll be voting for Senator Obama."
As an aside, Powell said he is deeply troubled by Republican personal attacks on Mr Obama, especially false intimations that he was Muslim.
"Mr Obama is a lifelong Christian, not a Muslim", Powell said. But then he noted: “The really right answer is, what if he is?” “Is there something wrong with being Muslim in this country? No, that’s not America”.
In this context, Powell mentions a photoessay in a magazine featuring a Muslim US soldier's gravestone, Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan. The photos are by Platon, published in the New Yorker, and here's the image of Corporal Khan's mother at his grave...

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Joost Bonsen said...


Thanks for pointing out Representative Bachmann's rant. This Minnesota moron is on par with the pinhead performance of Miss Teen USA South Carolina -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WALIARHHLII

Colin Powell was calling it as it is.