20 October 2008

Poverty Week @ MIT ~ GPI's Focus On Solutions

The MIT Global Poverty Initiative is running Poverty Week at MIT featuring dozens of events and spotlighting the biggest problems facing humanity. The goal is...
To raise awareness about the challenges of global poverty as well as what actions can be taken against it. We plan to get all of MIT -- undergraduates, grad students, staff, & faculty -- involved and thinking about global poverty and what can be done about it. This week isn't just about learning about poverty, it's about empowering individuals to use their skills and expertise to make a difference. Poverty Week will be full of various talks, documentaries, interactive art displays, and more. Come participate in a debate about domestic poverty or browse through poverty relief projects that MIT students have done.
~ The GPI Motto ~
We can be the generation that eradicates
poverty, will you be a part of it?

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