09 October 2008

EnergyNight @ MIT Museum ~ Fall '08 Showcase!

I'm delighted that this Friday 10/10/2008 from 5:30-8:30pm is the next incarnation of EnergyNight @ MIT Museum, this time organized by Matt Denman and Melissa Webster! MIT Energy Club founder Dave Danielson and I started the MIT EnergyNight event in Spring 2006 and had a mere 250 attendees. Last Fall 2007, organizers Fergus and Matt attracted over 1,000! This MIT energy community social event brings together the science, engineering, policy, and business energy communities at MIT to showcase several dozen of the most exciting energy activities at MIT, including...
  • Nuclear (Advanced Reactors, NanoFluids)
  • Solar (Thin Film for Fuel Cells, Photovoltaic Lab, Sol Solution, Solar Turbine)
  • Geothermal (Geothermal Systems)
  • Wind (Floating Turbines)
  • Coal/C02 (Coal Sequestration, C02 Sequestration, Syngas Combustion Dynamics, Gasification)
  • Biofuels (C3 Bioenergy, C02 Systems)
  • Green Buildings/Development (Retrofit MIT, Live dorm electricity metering)
  • Batteries/Automotive (MIT Electric Vehicle, Nanofluids)
  • Grid Management (MicroGrids, EnerNOC)
  • Energy Policy (Environmental Programs Office)

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