24 May 2009

Clocky ~ A Salute to Robot Designer Gauri Nanda

Excellent to see the Globe featuring Twelve robots that have invaded American homes including the Roomba family from iRobot and more. But my favorite is definitely the Clocky! This scrappy little alarm clockbot runs away ringing and beeping and thus forces you to get up and actually wake up. Genius! This product is the brainchild of MIT alumna designer Gauri Nanda who originally designed Clocky for a MIT Media Lab class project. After pictures of the prototype spread virally online she then decided to launch her own design firm -- Nanda Home -- with Clocky as flagship product. Dozens of honors later -- including covershot of Inc magazine and winning the IgNobel Prize in Economics for boosting human productivity! -- she's well on her way to design stardom. Check out this video interview on The Big Idea...

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