06 May 2009

MIT Imaging Ventures ~ 2009 Finale Proposals

Tonight was our finale in MAS.964 Imaging Ventures, the translational ventures class I co-teach with Professor Ramesh Raskar at the MIT Media Lab. The participants explored the commercial consequences of cameras, displays, and visual computing generally. Several quite compelling emerging ventures blossomed, including:
  • Seeing Machine -- Vision-assistance for "fixable" blindness;
  • Bulbeon -- Digital projector + camera "delight bulbs";
  • Mr Smarty Plants -- Home gardener "Plant ID" informatics;
  • Mobisonics -- Ultrasound smartphone sensory-peripherals;
  • Slow Display -- Living windows 4D simple, cheap images;
  • Happy Crowd Interactive -- Group collab interfaces;
  • EASY Alliance -- Open interface for elderly & disabled;
  • MocaMobile -- Mobile phone enabled distributed diagnostics;
Extra congratulations to Quinn Smithwick and colleagues for their Seeing Machine which was awarded the $2,500 Leyfell award this past Monday night in the MIT IDEAS Competition as presented by Dr Tom Byrne!

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