06 May 2009

David Perko ~ Founder of Compelling Insight

I interviewed my MIT classmate David Perko on my MaximizingProgress.tv show tonight. David's recently founded Compelling Insight which provides key strategic marketing advice and services for up-and-coming technology companies. Among the things we discussed is the central need for companies to put themselves in the customers shoes and to appreciate that customers want to understand how you solve problems. Customers mostly do not care about your list of lovely features or tremendous technologies. David notes that technology companies face especially challenging marketing hurdles. Often articulating the benefits of new technical solutions is not an obvious matter for his clients. And as he points out, "the more innovative the technology, the more difficult it is for prospective consumers to grasp." So Compelling Insight helps firms uncover the problems which most agitate potential customers and then figures how to cast the advantages of the client solution so prospective customers make the purchase! Great conversation.

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