05 May 2009

Face Transplants ~ Courage & Amazing Medicine

Seeing just now the remarkable case of the first US face transplant patient, Connie Culp, an Ohio woman who suffered severe gunshot injuries to nose and jaw five years ago, reminds me of one of the few perhaps even more courageous medical heroines, the first ever transfacial recipient, Isabelle Dinoire, a French woman mauled by her dog. It's a tremendous advance in personalized medical innovations for such procedures to emerge and I want to salute the audacity and skill of the doctors -- specifically Dr Risal Djohan, Dr Maria Siemionow, Dr Bernard Devauchelle, and Dr Jean-Michel Dubernardas as well as their extended teams -- plus the courage and heroism of these pioneering patients. Strength to them all. To give you some context, here's images of the pre- and post-Connie... And the pre- and post- and most-recent images of Isabelle... This is just epic! P.S. Check out this year-later interview by Connie Culp with Diane Sawyer.

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