07 May 2009

MIT D-Labs ~ All Projects Showcase May 9, 1pm!

This Saturday May 9th from 1-3pm at the MIT Museum is the D-Lab Projects Showcase -- the final summary presentations and working demos from the growing MIT D-Lab family of classes! Everyone's invited to see how MIT students are developing technologies that make an impact on our world!

To kick things off, the students from five Spring 2009 D-Lab classes -- D-Lab II: Design, D-Lab III: Dissemination, D-Lab Health, D-Lab Wheelchairs, and D-Lab Prosthetics -- (and some of the IDEAS Competition winners!) will give brief presentations of their projects. Then the projects will be on display and all the working prototypes demonstrated. Friends, family and guests are all invited.

D-Labs are part of the growing MIT D-Lab family of classes and the MIT International Development Initiative (IDI) more generally. And this event is part of an ongoing set of international development events orchestrated with the MIT International Development Network (IDN) including the Fall 2009 International Development Fair and Spring 2010 International Development Night!

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