28 April 2010

Carrie Stalder ~ MIT SDM and Venture Café!

Very cool to have MIT grad student Carrie Stalder join me on MaximizingProgress.tv tonight. Carrie shared a bit of her background and current experience building up the new Venture Café in Kendall Square, Cambridge. This venue is currently in alpha prototype phase every Thursday afternoon in the Cambridge Innovation Center at One Broadway. Their goal? No less than dialing up the connectivity and serendipity and vitality of the entrepreneurial ecology in Kendall Square! Not easy, but quite needed! After her undergrad studies in engineering and applied science at CalTech -- MIT's west coast spinoff school;-) -- Carrie first got herself into astronomy, then construction, and then the defense electronics sectors! A self-described "extrovert among introverts" she's a great addition to MIT's grad student population as an SDM'er -- System Design and Management.

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