29 April 2010

MIT IDEAS Competition ~ Finale Mon 5/3 7:30p

The MIT IDEAS Competition is hosting its finale Awards Ceremony this coming Monday 3 May 2010 at the Stata Center at MIT. Keynoted by Carl Bielenberg, founder of Better World Workshops, the night features entries including...
  • PieceMeal Vendors ~ Modular carts for street vendors in Thailand;
  • Rubble Rousers ~ Rubble reuse in post-earthquake Haiti;
  • Komera ~ Sanitary solutions to the developing world;
  • Sanergy ~ Sanitation and Energy in Kenya;
  • Handwave ~ Communication tool for nonspeaking autistics;
  • PerfectSight ~ Smartphone app for eye prescriptions;
  • Konbit ~ Talent-finding network for NGO's to employ Haitians;
And nearly two dozen others. Highly recommended!

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