16 April 2008

Abdulrahman Tarbzouni of SETLA & viedu...

I interviewed Abdulrahman Tarbzouni, Saudi Arabian MIT alumnus entrepreneur, on my HighTechFever TV show tonight. We discussed his venture activities, including most recently founding and building viedu, a social networking education web 2.0 site. And we discussed his efforts to encourage new ventures back home, including his founding and leading the Saudi Entrepreneurs & Technology Leadership Association (SETLA). One fun point emerged: he first heard of MIT via the movie Hackers at age 12 and aspired to attend since then! And through hard work and smarts, he did it! I've known Abdul since his freshman year at MIT when we were introduced by the MIT Sloan Undergraduate Management Association (SUMA) and I'm delighted by his enduring commitment to entrepreneurial development in his home country and beyond.

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