18 April 2008

The Nerd Heard ;-)

Priceless quotes from nerd central! The Tech today has an Overheard at MIT column. MIT Admissions blog includes Professor Quotes and points to other quote archives. Some samples...
  • I mean, really, Maxwell’s equations are just like the word no — what part could you possibly not understand? -- Random Student at Student Center
  • My point here is not to talk about the fun part of sexual reproduction. -- Prof Sive, Intro to Biology
  • I'm going to repeat that question in a form I can answer. -- Prof Solomon, Cell Biology
  • If you have lust in your heart to explain the molecular correlates of learning, then kinetics should be your thing. -- Prof Quinn, Neural Plasticity
  • Let's look at a reaction you should never do. [Shows picture of TNT.] I am very familiar with this compound. -- Prof Swager, Organic Chemistry
  • I firmly believe this value [for the mass of a quark] is correct, because the guy who measured it has his office two doors down from me. -- Prof Roland, Physics
  • I have found in my previous experience teaching this course that students tend to forget this minus sign. Please do not do this unless you wish to find minus signs on your exams. -- Prof Sipser, Calculus
  • I'm only a chemist because I was a pyromaniac when I was younger. -- Emma Sceats, Chemistry

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