26 April 2008

More About US Mega-Regions

In a piece entitled Economic Development Opportunities For U.S. Mega-Regions, Katie Bullard, Project Manager with AngelouEconomics writes about...
"large networks of metropolitan regions that are linked by environmental systems and geography, infrastructure systems, economic linkages, settlement patterns, and shared culture and history." The U.S.'s primary mega-regions are highlighted with blue boundary lines on the map below.

U.S. mega-regions will account for 50% of the nation's population growth and 66% of its economic growth over the next 45 years. Given those projections, it's clear that considerable investment will pour into these regions. This article describes the major U.S. mega-regions, evaluates their relative position of strength for sustaining economic growth, and outlines emerging areas of collaborative opportunities within the mega-region framework.

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