30 June 2008

Energy Surveys ~ FT & WSJ Weigh In

There's a surfeit of surveys about all things Energy! Last week's Economist hailed The power and the glory. And just today, both the FT and the WSJ weighed in with their own perspectives. The FT's Energy Special Report covers the full spectrum. Two especially interesting tidbits include:
  1. The interview by Rebecca Bream of Marius Kloppers, the head of BHP Billiton who discusses his firm's presence in Gas & Oil sector and why he thinks the future is Nuclear.
  2. Also, former BP chief Lord Browne opines on the Consensus on climate change goals.
The WSJ Energy Journal Report also surveys the Joules. Several gems stand out, including:
  1. The Case For -- And Against -- Nuclear Power as argued by Michael Totty.
  2. A Little Knowledge about smart meters by Rebecca Smith.
  3. And the priceless piece on algae Scum Power by Russell Gold, including a nice little video vignette...

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