03 November 2010

Manas Ratha ~ Indian Entrepreneur & Advisor...

Fantastic to have MIT alumnus entrepreneur and venture advisor Manas Ratha join me on MaximizingProgress.tv tonight! Today he's with Avendus Capital in Mumbai, India doing investment banking, including M&A advisory, private equity syndication and strategic work for mid- to large-size firms. But Manas and I first got to know each other through his work with MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition (back in its pre-inflation $10K and $50K day;-) and the System Dynamics kids education project with amazing MIT Professor Jay Forrester on Road Maps, creating guides for K12 folks to learning the discipline, a key STEM educational element! After graduation, Manas became a dot-communist, starting a B2B ecommerce venture at the cusp of market trauma. Later working in audio systems business transforming a business from export-oriented to local-market centric, he ultimately shifted to the current role at Avendus. We're all looking forward to what entrepreneurial adventures are next!

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