05 June 2009

Tank Man ~ Tiananmen's Unknown Rebel Hero

Thanks to The Big Picture for reminding us of the brutal Chinese Communist dictators who slaughtered students and citizens twenty years ago at Tiananmen Square and other parts of Beijing and elsewhere in China. Many heroes emerged from this struggle for freedom, but one is especially worthy of note: In the face of an armored column, this unknown rebel -- Tank Man -- stood firm... No one knows who he really was or whether he's still alive. Thanks to Miss Cellania for pointing to The Tank Man documentary by Frontline and links by Metafilter that We Have Not Forgotten. Many of the known and visible protest leaders were killed or jailed or exiled by the regime. While there have certainly been some positive reforms in Communist China since then, the illegitimate political heirs and murderous minions of the Communist criminal Mao continue to dictate over and politically oppress the billion citizens of a remarkable culture and ancient civilization. What is absolutely amazing is that the world has let the ruling Communist dictatorship get away with not only Tiananmen, but equally brutal tyranny in Tibet, and a litany of other political and civil abuses. I was appalled last year that they were even allowed to host the Olympics, an ignominy as bad as the Nazi Games in the 1930s. By allowing narrow "economic reform" the criminal Communist leadership has largely bribed the people -- and the planet -- into silence and suppressed yearnings for freedom for the sake of "China's Rise". But it remains fundamentally illegitimate. The world's free people need to stand as one in the spirit of the heroic Tank Man to face the tyrannical tank that is the Red China state and sing out "Let Freedom Rule!" The lights of liberty must shine over all China, and indeed all of Earth...

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