22 August 2009

Ali, Hussein, and Samira ~ Urgent Solutions Now

Thanks to Reuters photographer Ali Jarekji for spotting Ali, Hussein, and Samira...
"Iraqi children who were injured during the Iraq war, play during their visit to a children's museum in Amman, Jordan August 20, 2009. Both Hussein and Samira have undergone multiple reconstructive surgeries and are two of dozens of Iraqi children that attend the daily therapy sessions run by the French aid organization Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders)."
I don't know who or what are most to blame for the despicable brutalities these kids have endured, but I do know we all urgently need to do right by them -- and that means continuing treatment and rehabilitation (indeed, many thanks to MSF personnel and others in the care chain), inventing and perfecting personalized medical innovations, and doing our best to eliminate armaments, those who use them, and the societal need for their use.

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