01 August 2009

Cops Gone Wild ~ Too Many Bullies Have Badges

I know some excellent police officers, honorable individuals sworn to uphold rightful laws and genuinely good people as well. Honest and high-integrity law enforcement institutions are essential to protecting our fundamental Constitutional freedoms, preventing authentic illegalities, and catching actual criminals. This makes it quite painful to witness the unconscionable closing of ranks -- a disgustingly tribal and immoral knee-jerk self-protectionism -- of an entire union backing up the distasteful and stupid -- and fundamentally immoral and unconstitutional and not at all a matter of "racial profiling" -- arrest of the harmless Professor Gates. Cambridge cop Crowley should never have been invited to beers with President Obama. Instead he should have been summarily fired, charged, convicted, and jailed for his egregious violation of Freedom of Speech, Unlawful Search & Seizure, and more. The US Constitution has been wronged. An ornery, vocal, opinionated, aggrieved but non-violent man exercising his contempt of cop on what was unquestionably his own property should be absolutely inviolate; Christopher Hitchens is right on that score. Crowley both lied in his police report -- for instance, putting words in the witness mouth which simply were not there -- and he arrested Gates on trumped up charges of disorderly conduct. Shamefully, Crowley's not the only cop gone wild. Far too many bullies have badges, including these swine, for which we thankfully have clear-cut video evidence...

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