18 August 2009

Trabilectric ~ German Ostalgie Gets Electrified!

Anna Maria Jakubek writes in PopSci about An All-Electric Makeover For the Trabant, East Germany's Iconic Communist-Era Ride;-)
"In what could very well become the auto industry’s greatest comeback story, a trio of German companies is hoping to introduce a revamped version of the pride of DDR auto engineering: the Soviet-era Trabant. [...] The companies behind the idea -- German auto parts maker IndiKar, engineering group IAV, and toy (yes, toy) car producer Herpa -- plan to unveil the prototype of the New Trabant at Frankfurt [...] Commercial availability is definitely looking likely considering the Trabis’ cult-like following and Germany's love of anything DDR kitsch -- Ostalgie, or nostalgia for the East"

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