13 August 2009

Sex with Amy ~ True Board Member Obligations!

Thanks to uber-VC, MIT alum, and vintage compadre Brad Feld for pointing out that aside from a limited number of higher priorities -- Brad singles out "Sex with Amy" as a case example -- VC's and all others involved in the governance of a venture should be intensely paying attention to the issues at hand! As Brad reflects on his own extensive experiences...
"Worse, though, is the endless addiction to a blackberry / iPhone or laptop during a board meeting. I long ago stopped taking my laptop to board meetings because I knew I had no ability to ignore it. I still find myself regularly taking out my iPhone during board meetings. [...] Yesterday, during a board meeting, I tried something different. I put a piece of paper and a pen in front of me and whenever I had a thought I wrote it down. When I reflect on the meeting from yesterday, my level of engagement (which I like to think is usually high) was as complete as it gets -- I was “in the board meeting” for the entire board meeting, except for the two minutes when I took a call from Amy (which will always supersede whatever I’m doing, except sex, but since I only have sex with Amy, this won’t be an issue.)"

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