11 August 2009

IDDS Finale & MakerFaireAfrica ~ Ghana 2009!

AfriGadget reminds us that this is the finale week of IDDS 2009 -- MIT's International Development Design Summit run in collaboration with Olin and KNUST in Kumasi, Ghana! Plus everything will be shown to the public this weekend at the first ever MakerFaireAfrica in Accra, Ghana! The IDDS projects-in-process include...
  • Press to efficiently extract oil from shea nuts;
  • Playground carousel electricity generator;
  • Machine for recycling used water sachets into plastic products;
  • Tools for threshing groundnuts;
  • Chlorine production from salt water using local materials;
  • Low cost and simple battery made from local materials;
  • Human-powered grating machine for speeding up cassava processing;
  • Thresher which prevents stones from mixing with rice grains;
  • Chlorine dispenser to disinfect drinking water;
  • Latrine designed to promote use and hygiene among young children;
  • Children health and growth monitoring using cell phones;
  • Tomatoes shelf life extender for during transport and storage;
Read all about their ongoing activities at the IDDS blog maintained by Niall Walsh! And get to Accra starting this Friday for the Maker Faire!

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