25 August 2009

Global Development @ MIT ~ Fall 2009 Classes

There's a great suite of new and revised course offerings this Fall semester 2009 at MIT focused on different dimensions of global development, including at least these...
  • 14.73 The Challenge of World Poverty ~ MW 1-2:30 pm ~ Esther Duflo ~ Development economics and poverty action;
  • 11.487 Urban Public Finance in Developing Countries ~ M 5-7 pm ~ Annette Kim ~ How to choose and pay for urban public services in developing countries;
  • STS 032 Energy, Environment, & Society ~ Fall ~ Clapperton Mavhunga ~ Energy issues beyond US borders, on a global scale, and within the rural villages and towns of the developing world, helping understand the multiple and different social, political, cultural, policy, and technoscientific contexts;
  • SP.721/11.025/11.472 D-Lab Development ~ MW 3:30-5 pm ~ Amy Smith, Bish Sanyal, Victor Grau Serrat ~ Addresses issues of technological improvements at the micro level for developing countries -- in particular, how the quality of life of low-income households can be improved by adaptation of low cost and sustainable technologies;
  • SP.720 D-Lab ICT4D ~ Information and Communication Technologies for Development ~ TR 3:30-5 pm ~ Rich Fletcher, Victor Grau Serrat ~ An engineering lab class that teaches the use of Information and Communication Technologies to address specific needs in developing countries;
  • SP.712 D-Lab ~ Cycle Ventures ~ MW 3:30-5 pm ~ Gwyn Jones ~ Explores bicycle technology to provide human power for an increasing array of other purposes including water pumping, grain grinding and transport of loads in underserved communities with the aim to offer economic opportunity.
  • 15.375/MAS.665 Development Ventures ~ MIT Emerging Market Innovations Seminar ~ Th 4-6 pm ~ Joost Bonsen, Sandy Pentland ~ Action Lab on founding, financing, and building entrepreneurial ventures targeting developing countries, emerging markets, and underserved consumers everywhere;
  • MAS.551 Design Without Boundaries ~ R 10-1 pm ~ Bill Mitchell et al
  • MAS.960 Design for Empowerment / Engineering for Empowerment ~ T 10-1 pm, F 1-2pm ~ Leah Buechley ~ Technology is increasingly shaped and developed by users who design, build, and hack their own devices, and the goal of this class is to understand, contribute to, and support these creative communities.
  • 15.389 G-Lab ~ Global Health Delivery ~ MW 4-5:30 pm ~ Anjali Sastry ~ Tackles practical constraints to delivering health care in resource-poor settings in Africa via international projects pairing students with real-world enterprises and organizations;
And certainly check out our new D-Lab website!

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Joost, great act on putting all the info together. thanks!