12 October 2009

Startup Bootcamp ~ Inspiring Lessons Now @ MIT

The student-run Startup Bootcamp is happening now at MIT! Great lineup of folks speaking, including Robin Chase, Alexis Ohanian, Dan Bricklin, Angus Davis, Dharmesh Shah and more. Tune in via Justin.tv (whose co-founder Kyle Vogt is also speaking, as I write this, literally right now, Mon 11:45am;-) Sponsored primarily by Hemant Taneja and colleagues at General Catalyst venture capitalists. The big challenge for me listening in is answering "Where's the Boot in this camp?" since it's mostly just warstories and venture remembrances so far. Ah, Hemant kicks in with some good tips about VC funding. And Dan Bricklin shares his suits, lawsuits that is! Nuts & Bolts getting busted out as should happen in any good Bootcamp!

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