28 October 2009

Hector Hernandez ~ Grokking Extremophiles!

Delighted to have MIT post-doc extremophile scholar Hector Hernandez on MaximizingProgress.tv tonight! We talked about his studies in the biogeochemistry of carbon sequestration. This is an important topic since so little is known about how underground microbial ecologies will affect how carbon is trapped or the operational efficiency of CO2 injection into subsurface volumes. We've known each other since serving together on the task-force advising the MIT Presidential search process, i.e. while Hector was an MIT Chemistry grad student. After Hector "made like a cylinder and graduated" he's worked together with other colleagues in MIT's Parsons Lab exploring the wide-open and still poorly understood topics of ecobiology, long-term environmental impacts, and other frontiers of environmental science and engineering!

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