23 April 2011

Free Gambling ~ Decriminalize Victimless "Crime"

The Economist writes about online gambling, Poker face off: A crackdown on internet poker may be a prelude to legalisation...
"Although it would appear that the chips are down for internet gambling, the prosecutors’ crackdown may in fact turn out to be the last before Congress reverses itself and scraps prohibition. There are prominent supporters of legalisation in both parties pressing for such a change. An attempt to pass new legislation late last year looked promising at first, but folded when Harry Reid, a senator for Nevada, misplayed a good hand. With lobbying from 10m disconnected punters and the big casino companies (which have belatedly realised how much money there is to be made online) plus the enticing prospect of much-needed tax revenues, Congress has plenty of reasons to get its act together, despite the inevitable moral objections of a minority of members."
Yet another domain of human activity which the State should just get and stay the hell out of. Liberty!

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