10 April 2011

I am Dutch, am I? ~ Sofia vs Illegitimate Laws

Thanks to Amy in .nl for spotting I am Dutch, am I? which...
"...tells the story of Sofia, whose Columbian father brought her to the Netherlands when she was two years old. Sofia has lived in the Netherlands for almost 20 years now. Her first language is Dutch, and she was educated in Dutch public schools. Yet, as an illegal immigrant, she cannot work, or go to university, or pay taxes, or get health insurance, or buy a house. She also cannot apply for a residence permit or citizenship; she is stuck, through no fault of her own."
Completely ridiculous rules imposed by what -- as evidenced by its inhumane actions -- is an illegitimate state. We need to rapidly move into a post-nationalist, pro-people future where accidents of birth are not held against us and fundamental human rights of movement, commerce, residency, identity, and more are upheld.

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