06 April 2011

Shutting US Down ~ Possibly A Very Good Thing...

Millions of taxpayers continue to receive precious little value for money from the incompetent and inefficient bloatocracy that rules US. Despite hundreds of billions of US$ "defense" and "intelligence" spending per year -- for decades on end -- we still had the absolutely inexcusable 9/11. Most recently, the organs of "state" and "diplomacy" completely missed yet another wave of authentic democracy movements -- this time in the MENA region of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, etc -- and continue to prop up messianic and/or religious-irrational and/or discriminatory and/or familial-kleptocratic and/or dictatorial-authoritarian or abusive-murderous or otherwise totally unsavory and illegitimate regimes worldwide. Homeland Insecurity is mostly visible as farcical airport "security theatre" which unconstitutionally searches and harasses millions of US innocents while invigorating and bemusing evildoers everywhere. The Patent Office can't even process our essential inventions in a timely fashion despite charging more than it costs to do so. Social Insecurity is a multi-trillion US$ colossal nightmare of a Ponzi scheme which makes Bernie Maddoff look like a merely bumbling Robin Hood. Endless activities which should be privatized to independent for-profits -- e.g. SBA loans, home ownership loans, etc -- or spunoff to independent non-profit civic trusts -- e.g. the Smithsonian, National Parks, etc -- are threatened to be held-up -- yet again -- as Republicrats and Demoblicans in DC flail about compromising on a budget. So perhaps -- even probably -- it's actually a very good thing to have, as CNN puts it -- Government shutdown: White House details consequences. At least some taxpayer moneys won't go unnecessarily up in smoke in the interlude from this idiocy.

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