22 April 2011

Financial Inclusion ~ Branchless Banking in Brazil

CGAP's Kabir Kumar & Yanina Seltzer ask Meanwhile in Brazil... are we there yet?
"...financial inclusion in Brazil still has a long way to go. CGAP has studied the branchless banking market in Brazil over the past few months and has written a country note. [The top points include]:
  1. "Brazil’s agent business is changing and it is unclear how it will evolve."
  2. "Cell phone-based financial services are still new to Brazil but we can expect major developments in the next couple of years that could benefit Brazil’s poor."
  3. "Brazil’s urban poor still do not have access to adequate financial services and branchless banking and mobile banking could help"
"Because Brazil is further along in financial inclusion via branchless banking than some of the other countries we work in, its challenges are a significant source of learning for those countries."

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