20 May 2011

Prelude FLNG ~ gCaptain Spots Shell Supership

Thanks to Mike from gCaptain for spotting Shell’s Prelude FLNG, the...
"...world’s first FLNG [Floating Liquified Natural Gas] facility [and] world’s largest floating object ever constructed [...] From bow to stern, the Prelude FLNG measures 488 meters long (that’s more than 1,600 feet) and 74m wide That’s longer than 4 football fields laid end-to-end, including end zones. That dwarfs the massive Emma Maersk by 300 ft and even the late Knock Nevis supertanker by nearly 100 ft."
What I especially like about this is it's the most sophisticated example yet of "containerized infrastructure" which offer economies of flexibility and even urgency -- i.e. many examples are standard shipping container-based, whereas others -- such as the Shell Prelude -- are floating superstructures, e.g. power plants, hospital ships, even prisons! Amazing in scale and ambition!

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