15 May 2011

Dying Sucks ~ The Cruel Reality of Decline...

We're all born with aging genetically "programmed" in -- or, at least, it hasn't yet been evolutionarily selected against. Perhaps God and the Devil are both bloody Darwinians? And when you compound aging with the environmental ravages and behavioral burdens we bear or self-inflict, it's little wonder that our bodies and brains wither away too soon. But worst of all, in the final stretch, when we can consciously see our flame flickering low, the cruel reality of our decline and doom really hits home. That's dying and it sucks. P.S. I'm going to do something about this too. As far as I'm concerned, Gerontechnology merits a 12 figure global R&D budget. Governments planet-wide burn that much per year in tax dollars on military "defense" killing people, so it's not crazy to instead invest at least as much money on something that's the constructive exact opposite.

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