27 May 2011

Prostitutes as Perks ~ German Sex "Incentives"

Frank Patalong sheds light in Der Spiegel on the role of Prostitutes as Perks: Sex Incentives 'No Exception' in German Business World...
"Germany has some 400,000 prostitutes, estimates the Berlin-based sex worker advocacy group Hydra. Each of them caters to a number of clients, which means millions of men are buying sex -- even if few of them will admit it. Germany legalized prostitution in 2001, giving sex workers the right to job contracts, social security and public insurance. But the profession remains taboo. Sex as an "incentive" or means of bribery in the business world -- such as the corporate prostitution party for German insurance salesmen organized by Mannheimer International -- is incompatible with western values. A businessman mixed up in red-light parties can't be tolerated -- at least not officially. [...] Sex as a business incentive is "widespread," confirms Mechthild Eickel, who works for a sex worker educational association called Madonna. "It's in every branch, it's just that not every company can afford it." [...] corporate orgies have grown in popularity. There are agencies that specialize in organizing events similar to the Mannheimer International sex party in Budapest. Larger escort services will also make such arrangements."
You learn something new every day. In fact, 'Corporate Sex Parties Are Commonplace' writes Julia Jüttner in a related piece...
"Companies routinely hire call girls to spice up excursions and parties, say two Berlin prostitutes following a furor over last week's revelation that a German insurance firm organized a sex party for high-performing salesmen in a Budapest bathhouse. The men start out coy -- but usually jettison their inhibitions after a few drinks, they say. [...] corporate bashes with prostitutes are commonplace. "Many large firms have an extra budget to fund such parties in such a way that they don't show up in the official accounts," [...] "These days you've got to motivate your staff."

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