16 January 2013

Healthcare Hero ~ Congolese Docteur Mukwege!

Very compelling story in the NYTimes by Jeffrey Gettleman that Doctor Returns to Congo and Is Hailed as a Hero...
"There he is!” someone yelled. “Le docteur!” In the back of a white truck -- zooming past so fast it spewed clouds of dust -- sat a kind-faced man staring out at the crowds: Denis Mukwege, a gynecological surgeon renowned for repairing the insides of thousands of brutally raped women. He returned home triumphantly on Monday after more than two months in exile after nearly being assassinated, possibly for speaking out on behalf of the countless women who have been gang-raped by armed groups that stalk the hills of eastern Congo. [...] perhaps it is no surprise that Dr. Mukwege carries such an enormous amount of pride -- and hope -- on his rounded shoulders, which are most often covered by a white lab coat. For around 15 years now, he has kept a major hospital running in one of the most turbulent parts of the country, sometimes performing as many as 10 operations a day, on women who have been raped so viciously that they stumble in with death trudging just a few steps behind."

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