29 January 2013

Prescribing Apps ~ Future of Health is MobileMD

NBC Rock Center's Mary Kozelka writes The key to better health care may already be in your pocket... and it's not your wallet...
"According to [cardiologist Dr Eric] Topol, “the smart phone will be the hub of the future of medicine. And it will be your health-medical dashboard.” [During an emergency on an] airplane, Dr. Topol displayed the potential of wireless medicine when he snapped an AliveCor device onto his iPhone and performed a cardiogram at 30,000 feet. Using this portable, cellphone powered device, Topol was able to see that the passenger was definitely having a heart attack and he recommended an urgent landing. The passenger was rushed to the hospital and survived. Topol said this was a “Eureka!” moment for him; such devices could lead to better and cheaper health care everywhere, from airplanes to senior citizen’s homes. “These days, I’m prescribing a lot more apps than I am medications"

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