03 January 2013

Dhaka's 1st Busmap ~ Urban Launchpad Kicks-it!

Our MIT alumco Urban Launchpad is Kickstarting the First Bus Map of Dhaka crafting it by Flocksourcing...
"In Dhaka, buses are the lifeline for getting around the relatively compact, 18 million person mega capital of Bangladesh, which despite low car ownership, has been referred to as the slowest city in the world. [...] In January of 2012, we teamed up with our amazing partner Kewkradong in Dhaka to pilot a technique where we deployed a flock of smartphone-armed volunteers to rapidly collect data on Dhaka’s bus system. (We affectionately call this method flocksourcing). In 7 days, the flock tracked 270 buses on two lines and surveyed 1,000 people. The data they collected helped us get a first glimpse of not just routes, but travel times, crowding levels, who rode each line and what made them happy. [...] Our goal, with your help, is to scale up this pilot and cover the entire bus network of Dhaka and transform that data into something useful to bus users in Dhaka."

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