07 March 2008

Imagining MIT 2020 ~ A Model Microcosm of Regeneration & Vitality

Fantastic brainstorming chat tonight at the Muddy Charles Pub -- about MIT as a model microcosm of global regeneration & vitality -- with Jason Jay, Jeff McAulay, Chris Kempes, and Karl Ruping (plus a brief visit from Nol Brown & friends). Curiously, this built conceptually on a discussion I had with both Jason Jay and Elsa Olivetti nearly half-year ago on the Campus as a Living Learning Lab. And this was quite relevant to recent news coverage of university-area regeneration initiatives. It also riffed on my opinion-piece (following a wonderful workshop hosted by Jason and Professor Rebecca Henderson at the start of February), entitled MIT 2020: Imagining the Institute as a LEED Campus.

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