26 March 2008

Manish Bhardwaj of Innovators in Health on HighTechFever

I hosted Manish Bhardwaj -- MIT doctoral student & co-founder of Innovators in Health -- on my HighTechFever TV show tonight. We discussed his own experience as a multi-company entrepreneur and as a grad student in wireless chips design, and, of course, his team's efforts to improve TB treatment starting in Bihar, India as written up in a nice article by MIT's David Chandler earlier this year. TB, or Tuberculosis, affects millions of people annually, especially in developing countries. Innovators in Health, or IIH, seeks to "gather up-to-date patient and program information to dramatically improve healthcare delivery" by focusing on capturing data about the patient experience -- i.e. do people take their pills, get visited by healthworkers, and stick with their treatment? IIH does this through a holistic solution which includes their uBox -- a smart pillbox which tracks these data and allow doctors to really understand whether the treatment is working.

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