24 March 2008

Seeding Labs ~ Transformative Innovators

I just met with Nina Dudnik and Ann DeWitt to strategize how to exponentially escalate the Seeding Labs initiative. An Echoing Green Fellow, Nina Dudnik helped co-found Seeding Labs and now serves as Executive Director. Seeding Labs was born to refurbish life science research lab equipment and send it to research labs in developing countries, thus empowering scientists and connecting them in a global collaborative community.

Fantastically important. We need more transformative innovations of this sort to properly accelerate highly distributed science, discovery, and creativity. There is high-leverage here since the equipment and tools supplied to scientists enables them to pursue their own research agenda, develop local talent, solve their own problems, and make their own important contributions to human knowledge.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like a very helpful idea. Nina and her Seeding Labs team may find LabX very useful. LabX ( www.labx.com ) is an online auction and used equipment marketplace for laboratory equipment and supplies. There they can find full systems, or components and parts that will help them refurbish their equipment. They will also find various international scientists already using the free Laboratory Equipment Donations area who are seeking specific laboratory products.