28 November 2008

City of Silk ~ Great Kuwaiti Urban Gigaprojects!

In the face of challenging economic times and general doom and gloom, it's worth keeping in mind the big picture and long-term. And short of thinking about planet-wide problems or of going beyond our cradle, there are few human things bigger and more exciting than thinking of future vital cities. Such cities develop over decades -- perhaps faster or slower with economic booms and busts -- but they are enduringly valuable. I've written before about various developments in the MENACA region, including the Dubai and Abu Dhabi boom cities, the Economic Cities of Saudi Arabia, Al Noor bridging between Yemen and Djibouti, the Arabian trans-logistics network, and the Hummus network of cities in the vital Levant, including Aqaba. And courtesy of Inhabitat writer Ali Kriscenski's story City of Silk Rail Network to Link Middle East & China here we have some lovely visualizations of another emergent node in this network, Madinat al Hareer or City of Silk in north-eastern Kuwait (towards Basra), designed by CivicArts, Eric Kuhne & Associates...

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