09 June 2008

Arabian Railways ~ Essential Translogistics

Ardent readers of Maximizing Progress will know I'm very keen on investments and infrastructure development, including Gigaprojects, worldwide, but especially in the MENACA region (Middle East North Africa Central Asia). In Saudi Arabia, there are very ambitious plans afoot to build road and railway landbridges spanning the peninsula, starting with East to West, then connecting current and under-construction Economic Cities, and ultimately linking to the Northwest, towards Jordan and Egypt, and South, towards Yemen... More generally, the GCC is thinking about cross-connections between the various Gulf countries... Ultimately, these links may well create a New Hejaz Railway linking to Jordan and the Vital Levant, and also extend from both Saudi Arabia and Oman through Yemen across the Bab al Mendab Straits into Djibouti linking ultimately with both North and Sub-Saharan African ways.

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