05 September 2009

Building Big ~ Venture Pace to $50M Revenue?

Thanks to AIT for spotting Scott Austin's piece in the WSJournal answering How Long Does It Take To Build A Technology Empire?
"Oracle Corp., one of the world’s largest software makers, reached $50 million in revenue in its 10th year. It took software king Microsoft Corp. eight years to hit that milestone. Yet many technology start-up business plans typically project revenue of $50 million in the first five years. The reality, according to new research from data visualization company Tableau Software, is that most tech giants come nowhere near those numbers in the first five years."
Especially interesting is this interactive visualization by Tableau which charts the revenue of top 100 companies by color: “rocket ships” (red), “hot companies” (orange), and “slow burners” (blue)...
Dashboard at 570
Dashboard at 570

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