27 September 2009

Inspirational Teachers ~ Before I Forget: Thanks!

RISD's President John Maeda recently commented about the few teachers who inspire. Not for me. There were many! In this I consider myself amazingly fortunate. And I've been remiss in not publicly saluting and thanking them! For starters: Mrs Braun in Kindergarten who inspired-allowed me to design the playground treehouse. Ms Gunnell who urged Astronomy in third grade. Mrs Corea who inspired studying Anatomy. Ms Prescott in Junior High who taught us more Spanish in one month than her successors could in a year. Mr Johnson in High School who encouraged us all towards Geometry in ninth. Mr Cone who got me rigorously onto Physics in tenth. Mr Chadda for whom no Calculus was too small as a senior. Mr Janowski for whom Chemistry was "performance art". At MIT, Prof Bradt who sent me a personal note congratulating me for my Physics performance. Professors Kemp & Wrighton who made Freshman chemistry live! Prof Bon who welcomed me as a Sophomore into a grad class on Moonbase design. Prof Lewin who continues to inspire with his online Physics video lectures. Prof Green who ensured that Sophomore year O'Chemistry was bang-fully demo'd! Prof Witmer who unified my interest in aerospace structures and spent hours with me beyond the lectures. Prof Edgerton who I only met in the elevator -- but what a charge-up! And that just brings me from K-12 to Sophomore year at MIT;-) Beyond this, several more...

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