10 June 2008

Make Like a Cylinder and Graduate! ~ Hector Hernandez Defends...

Just saw my MIT friend Hector Hernandez defend his doctorate! His world of extremophile organisms and biochemical pathways is beyond my merely 7.01 and 5.12 understanding, but he made a great presentation and showed some remarkable visualizations of chemical binding sites, plus lots of experimental data. As his advisor Prof Cathy Drennan pointed out, Hector's a get-it-done kinda guy and he cranked on a wide variety of experiments and instruments. Several hilarious Hector interludes, including his mentioning productive hours at the MIT Muddy Charles Pub while struggling to figure out what the hell was going on with his experimental system! His thesis co-advisor was the one who finally told him "Make like a cylinder and graduate!" after nearly 8 years;-) Congrats, Hector!

P.S. At the afterparty at Tommy Doyle's;-)

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