30 August 2010

Greatest Rivalry ~ Winning Friendship Via Sports

Great to read A Winning Friendship by Kate Meyers in Parade this Sunday. Tennis superstars Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova rocked the 70s and 80s with greatest rivalry, but one which was complemented by remarkably close ties...
"Chris Evert -- We’ve been through so much history, so many layers of emotions. We were such opposites, it enabled us to get closer. She has my back; I have hers. I think people forget that we were left alone in the locker room every Sunday after we played final matches, and one of us would be crying and the other would be comforting -- nobody saw that.
Martina Navratilova
-- You always had to guard yourself because you didn’t want to be too destroyed when you lost or too gloating when you won, because you didn’t want to upset the other person. Now we don’t have to guard anything.
So you always wanted to beat her at her best?

-- That’s what it’s about. I’ve always said that, and people don’t believe me.
Chris -- And God love her. Here’s an example: When my first marriage was ending, I was kind of down, and Martina said, “Come on up to Aspen” and taught me how to ski. We would ski from 9 to 2, play tennis for two hours, then be in the gym for two hours -- and she showed me what she was doing with weights. We did this for a week. Not many people who are No. 1 and No. 2 competitors would do that."

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