04 August 2010

Ugo Anyanwu ~ Mobile Banking in Nigeria!

Fantastic to have Ugo Anyanwu on MaximizingProgress.tv tonight! After his engineering studies back home in Nigeria, Ugo shifted to accountancy and finance sector rising to being CFO of a publicly traded bank operating in West Africa. This past year he's been in MIT's Sloan Fellows program where I got to know him and of his interest in combining the blossoming technology of Mobiles with the key sector of Finance. Over 60% of Nigerians use mobile phones, but merely 10% have bank accounts. These facts spell both "big" and "opportunity" which is precisely what Ugo's been exploring for his next professional moves. Nigeria's a fantastically interesting country, with biggest population in Africa -- over 150M, i.e. half-US -- with a half-dozen megacities, including Lagos, the largest conurbation in Sub-Saharan Africa, a huge oil-export sector (supplying over 10% of US imports), and a booming economy with biggest mobiles growth numbers and Nollywood, the second-largest media cluster on the planet (behind Bollywood, India, but ahead of Hollywood, USA). With Nigeria -- and booming Commonwealth Africa -- as target markets, Ugo's well-positioned for his entrepreneurial next-steps!

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