24 August 2010

Making Do ~ Kenya's "Informal" Innovators!

Interesting to read posts about Making Do, a new book by Steve Daniels on innovation in Kenya's informal sector...
"In Kenya, engineers in the informal economy are known as jua kali, Swahili for “hot sun,” because they toil each day under intense heat and with limited resources. But despite these conditions, or in fact because of them, the jua kali continuously demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness in solving problems. [...] Daniels illuminates the dynamics of the sector to enhance our understanding of African systems of innovation. The result of years of research and months of fieldwork, this study examines how the jua kali design, build, and manage through theoretical discussions, visualizations of data, and stories of successful and struggling entrepreneurs."
Book release is at MakerFaireAfrica later this month, appropriately enough;-)

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