02 August 2010

Truth Hurts ~ My False-Positive Reader Stats ;-)

Truth Hurts ;-)

I finally figured why thousands of clicks per day were coming to my blog, which I've long suspected was far in excess of a realistic figure, but was nevertheless a pleasingly flattering thing. Indeed, I've now had over 1M hits over the course of this past year, which, I admit, encouraged me to fantasize that people actually cared what I had to say. But, really, who the hell has the time to read all this blather?-)

The painful truth? The vast majority of hits to MaximizingProgress.org are false-positives! It turns out folks searching for "Tube Map" in the UK are given some links and a few images to click on. The clearest of those serves up an embedded image in my homage to Harry Beck, the original designer of this brilliant map back in the 1930's. So all these random commuters -- up to several per minute -- who are seeking something useful are instead being teleported to my blog;-) Here's where they should be going -- the UK Transport for London Standard Tube Map!


Lily Kim said...

It's still great if people accidentally find your blog that way and decide to check it out!

Marcio von Muhlen said...

Is that like building a beautiful garden on top of an oil field?