21 August 2010

Nawsa Mad ~ Paul Polak's Rural Water Solutions

Social entrepreneur and innovator Paul Polak spotlights the need for rural smallholder farmer water solutions, what he calls Nawsa Mad, or Aswan Dam backwards, asking...
"...can we do the same thing [water storage, like the Aswan Dam, but instead distributed] on-farm for the 450 million farms in the world that are smaller than five acres? This would make a game-changing contribution to ending extreme poverty and food insecurity at the same time."
This means two things:
  1. Radically affordable small enclosed water storage technology
  2. Small plot, low-cost drip irrigation systems

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OutofPoverty said...

Thanks for re-posting this Joost. More can be found at the original blog: http://blog.paulpolak.com/?p=249