18 August 2010

Chicago on the Yangtze ~ China's Chongqing

Christina Larson's Chicago on the Yangtze photoessay in FP Metropolis Now issue spotlights supercity Chongqing...
"Chongqing has grown from an obscure Yangtze River port of 200,000 in the 1930s to a city of 2 million when Yan Qi was born in 1967 to a sprawling megametropolis dubbed the "fastest-growing urban center on the planet" in 2006 by Britain's Channel 4 (based on satellite imagery comparing how quickly cities subsumed land of the surrounding countryside). In Chongqing's northern New District today, it is possible to drive for more than half an hour past high-rises of 30 to 50 stories, block upon block, where five years ago there were only fields."
Interesting to see roofgardens and greens on newer buildings... But older apartments with interesting roof greenery are up for redev...To be developed into megablocks... Hmm.

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