08 December 2009

MIT Neurotechnology Ventures 2009 ~ Top Plans!

Earlier today my colleagues Ed Boyden, Rutledge Ellis-Behnke, and I hosted the finale session of our 2009 joint MIT Media Lab - Brain & Cognitive Science - Biological Engineering - Health Science & Technology - Sloan School of Management Neurotechnology Ventures seminar. Neurotech is an emerging and important theme which embraces a broad array of issues and opportunities including: Neuroimaging, Neurology/Psychiatry Diagnosis, Rehabilitation, Neurosurgery, Neuropharmacology, Brain Stimulation, Prosthetics, Sensory and Motor Augmentation, Gaming, Learning, Neuroveterinary Solutions, Regenerative Neuromedicine, and more. I'm pretty happy with these new venture proposals, including...
  • NeuMitra ~ Anxiety Sensing and Advisory System
  • Luxalzion ~ Small Molecule Alzheimer's Therapy
  • SeventhSense ~ Quadraplegic Brainwave Interface
  • WizGum ~ Controlled-Delivery Energy Gum
  • Signature Studios ~ fMRI Neurocinematics
  • VitroStroke ~ Vitrification for Neurosurgery
  • SafetySpine ~ Back-Strain Sensory Alert Brace
  • Foveo Health ~ Diabetes Management Informatics
And, yes indeed, I'm here afterwards at the Muddy Charles Pub, MIT's fountainhead of over-the-counter neuroceuticals;-) This was another pretty good year of neuroventures. As I noted last year, the emergent Neurotechnology Ventures Cluster in New England is blossoming as a substantial element of our greater Boston biotechnology - life-science - healthcare megacluster.

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