09 December 2008

MIT Neurotechnology Ventures 2008 ~ Top Plans!

Earlier today my colleagues Ed Boyden, Rutledge Ellis-Behnke, Barbara Barry, and I hosted the finale session of our joint MIT Media Lab - Brain & Cognitive Science - Biological Engineering - Health Science & Technology - Sloan School of Management Neurotechnology Ventures seminar. Neurotech is a theme which embraces a broad array of issues and opportunities including: Neuroimaging, Neurology/Psychiatry Diagnosis, Rehabilitation, Neurosurgery, Neuropharmacology, Brain Stimulation, Prosthetics, Sensory and Motor Augmentation, Gaming, Learning, Neuroveterinary Solutions, Regenerative Neuromedicine, and more. I'm quite delighted by and proud of the teams which pulled together some bold and even excellent new venture proposals, including...
  • Aivot ~ ePatch Cognitive Behavior Therapy to Quit Smoking
  • NeuroExtend ~ Veterinary Longevity Neural Implant
  • MindLight ~ Children's Autism Detection System
  • Vibraint ~ Learning Assessment Systems
  • BrainState ~ Image-Guided Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Data Driven Diagnostics (D3) ~ MRI Tests for Depression
  • StrokeDx ~ Stroke Diagnostic Imaging Systems
  • iSight ~ Vision Recuperation Solutions
  • Sight Beyond Sight ~ Retinal Implant Vision Systems
  • PsychCSR ~ Voice-Pattern Call Center QC Systems
And, yes indeed, we had a nice after-party at the Muddy Charles Pub, MIT's fountainhead of over-the-counter neuroceuticals;-) All told, a dedicated and diverse group of participants and newco proposals! The emergent Neurotechnology Ventures Cluster in New England continues to grow and -- I'll bet -- will soon rival Energy, Cleantech, and Games, and is poised to be a substantial element of our greater Boston biotechnology - life-science - healthcare megacluster.

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